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“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Christina and Amy when I was pregnant with my first child.  They are two incredibly wise and kind women who understand how over-whelmed you can feel as a new mom.  From the challenges of breastfeeding and baby's first bath, to sleep training and baby gear selection, they flattened my learning curve as a new mother.  Even better, their overnight stays gave me much needed sanity during those first few sleepless months. When we found out that baby #2 was on the way, we once again counted on Amy and Christina to help us get through those first few frantic months.  I can't recommend them highly enough.”

~ R.H., Seattle, WA

“The practical help and emotional support that Amy and Christina offered us after our twins’ birth was extremely valuable to us.  The opportunity to get some sleep and to have burning questions answered each night was a true gift and enabled us to be more present as we brought our babies into the world. “

 ~ M.B., Seattle, WA


“Honestly, at first, I thought that we were hiring Christina and Amy for my husband.  I knew the labor and delivery of our first baby would be tough for me, but I thought he needed the extra support, maybe even more than I did.  Christina and Amy were wonderful, with both of us.  They gently prepared us for the unpredictable in a caring and reassuring way. They helped us feel like all of our bases were covered, even though we had no idea what was about to transpire.  Then it happened, the baby was coming.  All of our plans went out the window - Amy and Christina were there right there with us.  They were ready to roll with all of the various situations that arose - and there were many.  They hung in there with us, through the delivery, teaching me about breast feeding, how to care for our newborn daughter and how to remember to care for myself. They later came back and helped out with sleep training - that was invaluable, and I highly recommend it to anyone. From the moment we met Christina, and she agreed to be our birth doula, we both felt more calm.  When she explained her working relationship with Amy, it just seemed that the mutual support they give to each other, would also work out best for us - and it did.  At a time that it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed, I felt like I had the wisdom of a team of expert sisters (they could also call on any number of other doulas for support if needed), with a wide range of knowledge, willing to listen to, and help with, anything that came up.  They would communicate with each other about our particular situations, troubleshoot amongst themselves and show up informed and ready to help. More than any others - family members, doctors, friends or caregivers - Christina and Amy helped us navigate the preparation, birth and first few months of our lives with our new baby. We now we consider them very special family friends.  In short, they are amazing.” 

~ C.G., Seattle, WA

"There is nothing more challenging than a newborn.  We were balancing the needs of our new family member, his feeding and allergy issues, a very unpredictable schedule, and all while accompanied with months of sleep deprivation!  I hit a rock when my second child was 5 months old and was diagnosed with post-partum depression.  I cried for help and was referred to Christina and Amy, who stepped in and brought sanity to our lives.  I was finally able to sleep an uninterrupted 8 hours and knew our son was in excellent hands.  They helped us put a plan in place for helping teach our baby to self-sooth and sleep.  They are baby whisperers and we couldn’t have done it without their guidance. They are nurturing and supportive and truly listened to our needs and concerns.  My husband and I are forever grateful to their expertise in getting us through a very rough period of time.  I simply wish I had them on board much earlier in my baby’s life!  These women are the best!"

~ K.B., Seattle, WA

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